4 tips to get the best overnight accommodation deals

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We all love a good deal, and when you’re travelling on a budget you certainly want to save every penny you can. One of the best ways to do that is to know how promotions are setup on accommodation sites and take full advantage of it! Below you will find 4 tips on how to save your precious coin:

1. Book as early as you can: Popular destinations will constantly have accommodation businesses battle for your attention. These businesses usually have something called early booking rates. This the earlier you are willing to book, ex. 3 weeks before your arrival date, the less you will be charged for your stay. Some businesses even offer early booking rates going back as far as 3 months! So check on all the popular booking sites to see if you can spot these deals.

2. Don’t book during the holiday season: This one needs no introduction, but let me explain why this is a thing. As a business your main goal is to generate profit (even if it only offers accommodation). One popular strategy is to match your prices when demand goes up. As demand increases you can increase your prices, thus increasing your potential profits during a busy season. In conclusion, try to book outside of the holiday season.

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3. Be on the lookout for long-stay deals: Most hotels and guesthouses will reduce their daily rate if you stay for longer than 3 days. Some will even give you an incredible deal if you want to book for a month. It all depends on the establishment you want to visit, so be sure to play around on their booking system.

4. Sign-up for newsletters: The biggest promotions are always given away on newsletters. Businesses will sneak in secret deals for their subscribers and there has been a lucky few who got to stay for free! The bigger hotels will have a customer loyalty program installed with their newsletter, so the more you give in to their promotions, the more they will throw at you.

In conclusion:

Book as early as you can, do not book in the holiday season, look for long-stay deals and sign-up on newsletters to receive secret deals. Pro-tip: Book 3 weeks early and stay for longer than 3 days, this combination is sure to get you in the sweet spot for promotions.

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