5 Tips for choosing “legit” accommodation in Polokwane


Have you ever walk into a guesthouse or a hotel and found that it was nothing like what they advertised it to be? Or are you looking for a change of scenery from your usual go-to-spot? With our five tips listed below we are sure to have you covered from walking into a disaster.

Our five tips:

1. Search for guest reviews on Google and any other site: Probably the best way to view if an accommodation establishment is fit for you is to see what others had to say about it. Always look for the ‘review’ section on the website you are booking on, as people are sure to voice their opinions if they were not happy with an establishment. You can do this by using Google’s Hotel App or Bookings.com

2. Call their front-desk to assess the friendliness of the staff: The way the receptionist answers the phone and answers your queries will tell you all you need to know about the staff. If the receptionist is warm and welcoming you can be sure that this is a representation of the staff working there as well. Happy staff = happy guest.

Receptionist helping a customer to get accommodation at an establishment.

3. Browse their website to see if they have a gallery: Pictures are a sneak peek into the soul of an establishment. Alarms should be raised if their website does not have a gallery. You can be assured that establishments that are proud of the accommodation they offer will showcase it in any way possible. You can view our gallery here.

4. Can you book directly from their website?: This is a big sign that an establishment poured time and effort into getting a guest such as yourself. Booking engines are complex to insert into a website, as such, establishments that do not allow to book online should raise some concerns for you. View our booking engine as an example.

5. Double check their location on Google maps: Make use of Google to see if their establishment is located where they claim it to be. Be sure to check the surrounding area on Google Maps as this can give you an idea of what you can expect if you choose to overnight in that location.

Screenshot of King's Castle's location in Polokwane on Google Maps

Here at King’s Castle we care about you, so remember to follow these five tips as a guideline and you might spare yourself the heartache of walking into a potential brothel!

If you are unsure about where to book why not book with us?

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King’s Castle

Established in 2005, Kings Castle offers accommodation in a medieval themed guesthouse that is unique to the city of Polokwane.

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